Falconlabs has developed the Shear Data System in response to a customer requirement for a coil inventory program.  With the permission of that customer, we now offer the program to other rollform and converting line operators. 


In its present form the Shear Data Program is designed to operate in conjunction with the Eaton Durant Fusion (copyright Eaton Durant division)   counter configured for the shear controller application.  We can modify the program to work with other count/controllers which accept serial or Ethernet communications, or the program can be used to track roll inventory only with the length and number of sheets being entered into the controller by hand.  Extensions could be developed to suit other customer requirements.


What the Shear Data System can do for you:

1)     Inventory all of your rolls of coil stock including data on color, gauge, coil number, source, starting length, date brought into inventory, and notes.

2)     Automatically convert coil weight to length as you bring new coils into inventory, using a weight conversion table which can be modified as necessary for different gauges and types of material.

3)     Track the amount of material remaining on each coil in two categories:  the amount actually on each coil at any time, and the amount of uncommitted material remaining on each coil at any time.  Committed material is that material which will be required for jobs you have entered into the system, but which have not actually been taken off the coil yet.

4)     Automatically convert lengths entered as feet and inches to decimal feet in the format required by the shear controller.

5)     Archive data on coils and jobs so that these records are available later for job tracking and report generation.

6)     Job data stored by the Data System includes: customer name, job number, roll to use (color and roll number), length to cut, number of sheets to cut, date and time job entered, time sent to shear, time finished (time when the next job is sent), and present job status (pending, active – in the shear, and done).

7)     The operator is presented with a list of pending jobs (which may have priority messages associated with them) which can be selected and sent to the shear.

8)     Provide at least two levels of security – operators can do little more than select from the list of pending jobs, while supervisors or front office personnel can add, modify, or delete pending jobs.

9)     Warn those entering jobs when there is not enough uncommitted material on a particular coil to finish that job.



Falconlabs Shear Data System software operator manual:  http://www.falconlabs.com/shear/operator.htm

Supervisor’s manual:  http://www.falconlabs.com/shear/super.htm


Eaton Durant ‘Fusion’ controller:  http://www.durant.com/f_fusion.html


Falconlabs home page:  http://www.falconlabs.com